Chairman's Blog

Sandwich exploded into life with a first ball beamer from the Boulanger that almost removed the batsman’s head. This was followed by a knee high full toss, lobbed back to mid-on, where the Chairman made a meal of a regulation catch, parrying it before leaping like a fresh run salmon following a well cast fly, to hold on one handed inches above the turf. From then on it went less well, and a very large keep net was required for the balls retrieved from the ditch as Sandwich tucked into the Boulangerie and every other Straggler delicatessen to put on 180 for the second wicket.

Matt Smallwood was mildly concerned when stand in batsman, James Grant (Blair Hart had bitten on a ball travelling at pace on Saturday), was held up at the Channel Tunnel. James redeeemed hinslef with his second Straggler century, which proved inadequate as nobody could stay with him. When James was out for 110, the senior Stragglers dropped anchor in a very un-Straggler like manner, returning 7 consecutive maidens in a match which had only seen a single maiden in the previous 69 overs.