There follows a selection of reports, articles, comments and other items of note taken from the Books of The Shepway Stragglers dating back to the start of the Club in 1946.


‘In the late summer was played what can be described as the First Match to be played by the Shepway Stragglers, although the name had not then been thought of. The idea had already been discussed by WJS Fletcher and H Pares and the match set out below was the result. Practically none of the side had played for ten years, which was very evident in the cricket: WJS Fletcher’s XI 45 all out Small Arms School (Hythe) 116 for 9’


During the winter the Shepway Stragglers actually came into existence as such and were so christened. A committee was formed consisting of the following: WJS Fletcher MC, H Pares, V Collins, GA Hardy, Lt.Cdr, NCM Findlay, HSG Torrens, Lt.Col. AWC May MC. A fixture list was arranged and our umpire, E Gray, appointed. 


From the Daily Telegraph:

‘Following my note on the rarity of batsmen being given out for obstruction, I heard yesterday of another cricketing incident which must happen almost as infrequently. The Band of Brothers, the Kent amateur side, beat Hythe in the last three balls of a match by a hat trick. Hythe were four runs behind the BB score with four minutes to go when this happened, The bowler was 18 year old Paul Smallwood, who has recently left Haileybury. He was in his school team for three years. Three years ago he took all ten wickets in a house match for 16 runs. At present he is an accurate medium pace bowler, but I hear he is a potential first-class fast bowler.’


From the Obituary of Ernest Gray Bunting:

‘Proof of his value, if any were needed, is the fact that he stood for the Shepway Stragglers for 5 years, and would not have discontinued then but for the fact that, to quote his own words, “I can’t hear as well as I used to, and I should hate to give the wrong decision and make a mess of things.” How typical of him. We, who were privileged to be numbered among his friends – enemies he had none – mourn the loss of one who surely left this world the better for having lived in it.’


From the The Kentish Gazette 10th August:

‘Ten Years of English Cricket – The Shepway Stragglers and their Opponents’
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