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On a wildly seaming green top at Wellesley House, the Stragglers struggled to keep the bowlers at bay, and, in an innings requiring absolute concentration, limped to lunch (76 for 4), reaching 100 off 38 overs, and then needing plenty more to get to a vaguely decent target. As the sun shone and the pitch dried, so the bowling became more friendly, and the challenge facing the skipper was to time his declaration without offering the match to the opposition on a plate. After obliging Tim’s XI to remain in the field for 58 overs, a declaration came – 218 for 9 – on the fall of Nigel’s wicket, leaving an in form batsman in the hutch. The opposition romp to reach the target in 32 overs, with 8 to spare, and for the loss of only 2 wickets, revealed the full generosity of the declaration. Al Smallwood was certainly up for another few overs!!