Street End

291/6 - 197/all out
Full Time
40 Overs
Won by 94 runs

Match Report

Street End are one of the Stragglers’ longest standing opponents, and the teams gathered before the game on a windy early autumn afternoon, to pay respects to one of the founders of the Street End Club, John Wells, who had passed away recently. Out in the middle the Straggler top-order did a passable impression of England, surrendering their wickets at every opportunity, and limping to 34 for 4, with wides top-scoring by some margin. The opening bowlers were hooping the ball at will, and everything was un-playably good or un-playably wide. The total had passed 50 before a batsman got to double figures. The recovery began with Paddy Thornton (30) in partnership with Will “the limpet” Attwood. Will was guarding his wicket and eschewing all stroke play with a rigour which made Boycott and Tavare look like rash cavaliers. Will (36) came in with the score on 8 for 2, and eventually departed having helped rebuild the innings to 174 for 6 some 26 overs later. Theo came in at 5 down, the total still barely respectable, and played with wonderfully assured elegance. He put on 97 with Will A, and then cut loose for the final 10 overs with Will Fenwick (51*), to reach his fourth Straggler century, 122*, and second of the season. The 7th wicket partnership of 117* is a new record, a couple of runs more than that of Toby and Owen MH in the inter-Straggler game of 2013. The final over was given some rough treatment, and the Stragglers concluded on 291 for 6 from 40 overs, the 8thhighest total in Straggler history.

Street End began the chase with some verve, and for 20 overs or so were up with the pace. Nick Wright (1 for 32) had removed Tom Stewart early, but Paul Betts (64) and Joey Goldbacher (42) were finding the fence with comparative ease. Jasper (2 for 40) and Will F (2 for 38) slowed the run flow, but the real clatter came when the Chairman induced skipper Sasha Azizi to have a heave with his first ball, and Al gratefully accepted the chance at long-on. 156 for 4 for became 166 for 8 in short order, and the end was nigh. However, the final pair kept everyone on their toes, and Straggler catching had another lamentable session with at least 5 catches going to ground before Paddy tidied up the final wicket for a victory by 94 runs.


Street End
Street End, Canterbury CT4 5NP, United Kingdom