Chairman's Blog

The long unbeaten run came to a very tenses end at Provender, with a last ball defeat in a tightly fought and high quality game. Having put in a very good shout for the 2011 champagne moment at Belmont with his immaculate umpiring, Toby the Trigger was under pressure from Hugo, who would be right up there if he could pluck victory from the jaws of defeat in the final over. Sadly Hugo was undone, when his second and third bouncers were no-balled, and a possible edge to the keeper wasn’t given. Controversial end to another game involving a Snape.

Charlie McLeod gave an object lesson in Dilscoops and reverse sweeps on his way to 73, and Jasper continued to accumulate with another half century. The highlight in the field was the fabulous direct hit by Charlie Munton to run out a well set batsman, and set up the final dramatic over.