Chairman's Blog

There was a moment in the winter, when shooting in the woods at Otterden, that Hugo shot a Jay; the bird did not reach the ground, as it was neatly pouched by Toby fielding at second slip.  I understand that Trevor Bayliss is now in discussion with the Otterden shoot committee about a slot for the England team.  At Wellesley the fraternal compliment was returned, when Hugo took a sharp slip catch to remove Jasper.
On a day which saw four slip catches – surely a Straggler record, but not one that can be checked in the annals – the most remarkable was that taken by Hugo a few overs later.  Stafford Cox, leading the recovery for Tim’s XI after early Straggler inroads, lifted a short ball over the slips, confident in a boundary, only for the slip cordon to leap in concert with consummate grace, as only the very best ballet dancers are usually able, and for Hugo to pluck the ball out of the air with one hand.
Every catch that went to hand was held.  One that went to foot was very nearly flicked up on the turn, as Presty seeks to challenge Luis Suarez for a slot in the Barcelona front three.