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It is postulated that a tree falling in a forest without a witness makes no sound…no such silence with Stragglers falling in disarray.  Firstly in the field, two mighty Kentish oaks – Will and the Master Brewer – placed to perfection by Eliot for his double gully trap, fell in such stately splendour, that the bisecting ball had crossed a distant boundary before they reached the ground.  Indeed Stragglers in the field had an uncanny knack of demonstrating ultra slow mo in real time.  The felling of Straggler timber contnued afte tea, reaching a miserable 26 for 4 in 8 overs, with extras leading the run chase.  Normal service was then resumed to much relief, as George BW (84) and Louis Bromfield (111*) stood firm, and, sharing 160, very nearly unseated a Jim Woodhouse record 5th wicket partnership from 1951!