Chairman's Blog

With a week to go before the Provender game, Charlie proudly revealed a team of ferocious talent, all in the form of their lives.  Unfortunately, come the day, it seemed that he had relied on sundry ‘yoof’ to manage their diaries for more than 24 hours at a time, and the Stragglers arrived on site with the first choice wicket keeper in Spain, and his very capable understudy playing for Kings in the West Country!  Not to be put off by adversity, Charlie was able to call upon the seasoned skills of a pair of master Stragglers, one of whom had to be winched into borrowed whites, as Nigel had made the mistake of arriving to watch a Straggler fixture without an emergency set of whites in the boot.
In the end the rain and Provender had the last laugh, as, in a foreshortened T20, the Stragglers were put to the sword once again.