Chairman's Blog

Kent (or at least Bishopsbourne) suffered a temprorary occupation over the weekend, as following closely in the footsteps of Julius Ceasar, James and Jon arrived for dinner and a substantial lunch courtesy of Libby, and then put the opposition to the sword before retiring to Gaul (although Ceasar did not have the benefit of the tunnel for the return, and had a habit of losing ships tied up too close to the shore). The Straggler attack were uncommonly mean with their bowling, conceding fewer than 2 runs an over in 46 overs, Jon contributing figures of 13-3-14-1. In spite of the tight control, Straggler fielding was not at its sharpest, and Simon was left rueing a number of regulation misses in the outfield. James then did his best to get to fifty before victory; he was undone by Will Hilton hitting the winning six. A couple of glasses of warm ale, and the invadors retired to Lutetia with a very satisfactory result.