Chairman's Blog

With a remarkable impression of Prince Eugene of Savoy raising the Turkish siege of Vienna in 1683, Simon Allport rode to the Straggler rescue with 5 for 38 to repel the apparently unstoppable Turkish charge. At 135 for 2, with plenty of time remaining and a rampant Tom Spurling already past the century mark, the Turks were poised to overwhelm a modest Straggler attack. Simon had other ideas, and lured Tom down the track in his first over, for Theo to complete the stumping. Now on the back foot, the Turks continued to fall, and finally were obliged to send out seven year old debutant, Luke Beaumont, in a ill-fitting, borrowed helmet to fend off the last few balls. Stragglers rampant, but the Turks held on.

Earlier in the afternoon, while fielders dodged the showers, contrasting batting styles were to the fore, as Giles, all easy grace and elegance, batted in very tidy contrast to the brutal clubbing of sixes from Al at the other end, to complete a partenrship of 170 in fewer than twelve overs.