Chairman's Blog

Renowned slip fielder, Nigel Snape (see previous blog), has become somewhat less mobile in the field in recent weeks, the result of a repeatedly torn hamstring. Following the example of some younger pros, who have ventured abroad for specialist treatment or training, Nigel took himself off to Turkey to try out a revolutionary new hamstring therapy – water skiing, well known for the soothing effect on the upper thigh. Sadly, if not entirely unexpectedly, the treatment only served to exacerbate the condition, and, at Provender on Sunday, comparison was made with Lot’s wife just after she had turned back to gaze on Sodom.

However, Nigel did take advantage of his disability at Provender, when he employed as runner probably the only Straggler who could get Usain Bolt out of first gear – Jamie Lavers. Jamie helped Nigel’s charge on 5,000 career runs with some electric singles, while Nigel proved that hamstring afflictions do little to restrict the effectiveness of his forearms, and now stands at 4,973.

Passng the half way point in the season, we have a number of batsmen looking good for the batting champagne – Alex Reese is averaging over 100 but needs to get out a few more times to qualify; Theo and Patrick are neck and neck at 61; the fathers (Matt and Simon) are in close pursuit in the mid-40s; and of course there is the resurgent Master Brewer on 54. Plenty of time to get in some big scores….