Chairman's Blog

A week is along time in politics, and an even longer time for a terracotta warrior, particularly one now blessed with blue suede shoes – the Elvis Presley of the terracotta army.  The change of foot wear did not make him any earlier to the ground – Tom Spurling had spotted a large gap on the off side not adequately covered by the absent Nige.  However, shortly after arrival and settled into a safe, and hopefully cricket ball free, environment at mid wicket, Nige proceeded to take a catch, a feat that has put his membership of the terracotta army at risk.  Clearly blue suede has a positive effect on mobility.

It can also be noted that the Master Brewer failed his audition for the terracotta army; a good early impression (when he allowed the ball to hit an unmoving ankle, which swiftly turned purple) was undone, when he took off at fly slip to grasp an exceptional catch – far too agile for terracotta status.  The Chairman, however, did much in support of his terracotta status, as he dropped a catch, and then managed to badly misread the spin of the first bounce, that he missed the ball by about 6 feet.