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JohnBurley ended some wonderful memories from the ‘60s and ‘70s athte 70th anniversary celebration of Straggler cricket, with the Straggler alphabet, first published in the books in 1970:

A is for Alvingham, record holder proud

B is for Budden, now there’s a crowd

C is for Canney, vanished overseas

And D is for Denne, Demery and DTs


E is for Eckersley, Erle Drax etcetera.

F is for fingers, Fingers Fletcher.

G is for Gordon, Gibbon and gin,

And H is for the hangover Herbert plays in


I is for the innings that Grugeon once played.

J is for Jim’s jockstrap, all tattered and frayed.

K is for Kenny, our own Cambridge blue,

And L is for Loudon, to be found in Peru.


M is for McCausland, of menacing mien.

N is for the Neames, not as bad as they seem.

O is for openers, both bowlers and batters,

And P is for Paul, whose kit is in tatters.


Q is for quarrel, when Wood’s given out.

R is for Rodney who started the rout.

S is for silence, when the slip’s finished speaking,

And T is for the Thomases, always bottom tweaking.


U is for the umbrella field, we have just set.

V is for victory, dare we forget.

W for Wyndham, Walters and wine

And X for the extras, move round a little more fine.


Y is for yawning, this nonsense has induced,

And Z is for the God, who these mortals produced.