Chairman's Blog

Running between the wickets frequently presents interesting challenges for the marginally aware or alert. At Broadstairs against Thanet U17, both sides managed to produce moments of high farce. The highlight for the Stragglers was to see both Olla Tennant and Tom Wood running side by side in the same direction, and then survive as they worked out who was supposed to be at which end. For Thanet U17, Mark Healy’s very junior nemesis (Mark had earlier fallen into the obvious slog trap) was undone by a much larger and faster partner, who would not take no for an answer. Angry bat throwing ensued.

Helmets, caps and heads were brought unexpectedly into play by Charlie Munton and Jamie Lavers exctracting very considerably bounce off a length with their off spin. One U17 player, who may not have been entirely honest about his age, as he had two of his children playing, was sent back to the pavilion for surgery, and still reappeared subsequently without protection.