Chairman's Blog

There seems to be a correlation between spending too much time in ‘Chill’ and going on to bat with cavalier nonchalance, as Theo demonstrated in the early afternoon heat at Otterden. With the Smallwood contingent lost in the woods, Theo was elevated to open with the Master Brewer. Jonty set off as he had the week before, but was undone early doors, while Theo continued serenely and unconcerned at the other end, clipping fours and sixes of his legs at will. When he fell for 113, with the score at 187, enough had been done to allow Simon and Eliot to flail in agricultural fashion to declare on 238 for 7.

By the time Finn removed all three stumps of on opener, the clouds had gathered, and Eliot’s cunning plan of brining Fimm back to blow away the tail had to be set aside. Good catches were held, particlualry by Jonty putting his few remaining functioning body parts on the line, but the red ball became almost invisible against the darkening sky, and the tail hung on for a draw. Any result was possible right to the end. Another good game.