Chairman's Blog

Four Straggler batsmen had metaphorically waved Jasper off to the ski slopes, and set their sites on overhauling his average at Hollingbourne. In a season of challenging wickets, Jasper was relentlessly able to adapt to the conditions and score heavily. It would have seemed somehow in appropriate, if he had been pipped at the post in his absence. While Simon and Theo both had substantial targets, Charlie and Jonathan had a real chance. it was not to be, however, as, one by one, they came up short, as the whole Straggler batting line up failed comprehensively.

In the field, it seemed that there was no need to use two hands, when one would do. Simon took a sharp ricochet in the slips; Theo clutched one to his grill. Jonathan then weighted in with a sensational catch off his own bowling, collecting the ball well behind his right shoulder. The batsman is still asking for a review.