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After a summer of controversy dogging the DRS system throughout the Ashes series, the ICC have run a discrete trial of the alternative BRS (Brewer Review System) at Otterden. And it proved to be a huge success, with one of the Brewers present asking for a review, when given out caught behind (to much acclaim for the watching batsmen, waiting for a chance to get in on a wicket full of runs). The review was upheld, and the Brewer batted on, albeit not for much longer – Jasper had only just taken his helmet off again.
Having run a successful trial, the ICC have been asked one of the more obvious questions about BRS – if you have to be a brewer to ask for a review of the Umpire’s decision, in the absence of any supporting technology, is this not rather limiting in first class cricket, where Brewers are rather thinner on the ground. The ICC are back in conclave to decide how to move forward with what is obviously a hugely successful replacement for the much derided DRS.