Chairman's Blog

Tom had a torrid time dealing with the weather at Tenterden on Sunday.  Although not as late as his skipper, Jasper, Tom managed to misjudge the rain delayed start to get in a round of golf at Deal and then have some lunch before setting off (is he taking lessons from Brealy?).  He finally ambled up some time after the start of play to find the sun shining.  And this is what caused some issues in the field, as Tom, leaving home in the rain, had neglected to bring his sunglasses.  Fielding at point and looking straight into the sun, the ball was all but invisible as it left the bat to head in his general direction.  And it did so more than once from the almost unplayable spin of Finn, but each time Tom, blinded by the low sun, waved the ball away.  You can imagine the sympathy, which his predicament attracted!  Tom was, however, to have the last laugh, when, having been moved into the safety of the shadow of the pavilion, with absolutely no sunshine at all, he took the final catch to seal an almost record victory.