Chairman's Blog

Picture the scene, feel the tension – scores tied, one run to win, penultimate over, and the Boulanger at the wicket facing his first ball. Carelessly he allows the ball to strike his pads, and before you can blink, Toby ‘The Trigger’ Snape has him on his way. The crowd go wild. Fortunately there was a steady nerve propping up the batting at number 11 to see the Stragglers home by one wicket.

The secret to fielding later in a career is undoubtedly getting enough body parts behind the ball, as both the Chairman and the Fixture Secretary were required to demonstrate rather frequently. The days of the one handed running pick up and flick to the top of the stumps seem to be distant memories. And sadly even catching slipped badly at the worst possible moment, with the Master Brewer, bamboozled by the Boulanger, offering the Chairman a sitter…and put down. Tragic.