Chairman's Blog

A sticky dog at Beneden, a shower and intermittent drizzle, the sky was lit up by a pair of perfect rainbows arcing over the ground with a very autumnal feel to the air. Out in the middle Al Smallwood, manfully holding the innings together after Jasper’s demise, was obliged to reprimand an opposition bowler, who took vocal and blasphemous objection to being deposited in the road, for his use of language in the field of play. As well as keeping the bowler on the straight and narrow, Al had the challenge of running with his father. Al had not given up hopes of a remarkable vistory; Matt was reconciled to a gritty draw; the result was chaotic half runs and emergency U-turns half way down the wicket. In the end Matt had correctly read the batting talent at his disposal, with Benny providing the last wicket solidity required for the draw.

Once again catching proved the difference, with the Stragglers shelling a total of 6 (a couple would have been blinders), while Hamish Cloke, occasional Straggler playing for Benenden, hung on to the two that mattered in the deep to dismiss first Jasper and then Al.