Chairman's Blog

With a wicked wind scything across the marsh, and a temperature hovering close to freezing, this was not a day for underdressed. Fleeces, ski wear and full face masks were the requisite protection, and that was just to get from the car park to the pavilion. Out in the middle the only way hope of maintaining circulation was vigorous exercise. Will and Ralph managed a fair bit of that, running up 81 for the first wicket in double quick time. The Master Brewer threatened to retire Will at 50, so the score was kept under wraps, and the half century went without applause. Unaware that he was poised on 99, Will launched another blow towards the boundary, only to pick out a very accomplished fielder, whose hands were still functioning. His departure brought in Eliot, who shed a few partners before being joined by the said Brewer. Eliot now showed proper respect to his skipper, admiring a consummate batting performance from the non-striker’s end, allowing Jonathan to retain the strike at the end of a number of overs.