Tour to Menorca

283/2 - 114/all out
Full Time
40 Overs
Won by 169 runs

Match Report

Another late night listening to the piping calls of the Scops owls (and a very late one for the winner of the tour Sleeping Beauty award) was followed by a stronger attendance at breakfast, a swim for a few in the rather fresh pool, and then a very generous invitation to drinks with the local Straggler, Matthew Roberts – again a few beers before a game sharpens the reaction time.

The Stragglers were inserted once more, and George given a chance to make up for his first ball duck of Saturday, which he duly did with great aplomb. Fortunately for George, his partner, Will Hilton, proved a calming influence, refusing many of George’s rash calls for urgent singles in the first few overs. From time to time Will unleashed considerable power to land balls in the neighbouring fields around the ground, and the score rattled along at a good pace.  MCC had obviously scoured the Straggler web site for clues on how to dismiss Will, and finally spotted his weakness – strangled down the leg-side off glove or the back of the bat.  They got him that way, but only noticed that they had done so when Will (73) tucked his bat under his arm and marched back to the pavilion.  At the other end George was getting into the swing of batting on tour – helped no end by actually seeing the ball.  He was joined by Theo, batting with increasing elegance, and together they were in command.  Theo eventually fell just before the close for 70, to let Charlie in for a very brief cameo – a ramped 4 at the end a nice flourish (and winner of the Al Smallwood ramping prize).  George remained undefeated on 126, the total a commanding 283 for 2.

Sam Attwood, having sat out the first MCC game, was keen to make a mark, and he put Menorca on the back foot in the first over with the stumps rattled.  At the other end Nick Wright tore in again, in spite of a lack of sleep and a body stiffened from the day before; he winkled out another couple to end the tour as leading wicket taker.  The Menorca batsmen were now faced with the Straggler secret weapon, Hugo bowling left arm spin.  Only previously used once before, and after a very wide sighter, Hugo then sowed confusion amongst the batters, who contrived to put the ball in the air and in the direction of the fielders.  Al took possibly the best catch running round the fine leg boundary.  One younger bat, Nico Ball, treated Hugo’s loopy left-arm with a deserved contempt, and took Menorca past 100 with some well hit boundaries.  However, he may not have been aware that he was playing with fire; Hugo changed hands and did him with a rapid yorker. This was repeated next ball to remove number 11, the match won by 169, the 5th largest winning margin for the Stragglers batting first.  Hugo ended with an ambidextrous 5 for 27, and starts the Kings game on a hat-trick.


Menorca Cricket Club
Camino Biniparrell 55, 27A, 07711 Biniparrell, Illes Balears, Spain