The Junior BB

203/6 (dec) - 24/0
Full Time
Match Abandoned

Match Report

A hot and dry summer, with wheat cut in July for the first time in 40 years, comes to a damp halt, with a second rain affected game on the bounce. Despite the best efforts of captains, umpires and players, a result could not be conjured from the wind and rain at Torry Hill. The Junior BB were inserted by Jasper, keen to have a target to chase down. Early bowlers were tight enough (it helped to be called Nick, if you wanted a bowl), and Nicks Wright and Healy whittled away at the Junior BB top order (along with a smart run out from Joe Gordon combining with keeper Mike Wooldridge – father of the Junior BB captain). At 135 for 5 after 27.1 overs, the rain intervened – it had been drizzling for much of the innings, but now just stepped it up a notch. An early tea was taken and a plan to make the best of the remainder of the afternoon. The Junior BB would bat for another 4.5 overs, and the Stragglers would then have 25 overs for the chase. The 4.5 overs went around the park, another 68 added, with perhaps the shot of the day being Benny’s casual ramp over the keeper from a hurtling Nick Wright. A target of 203 was set at the declaration.

Sadly, the rain came back, this time with intent, and the George BW and Joe, opening for the Stragglers, were on 10 apiece from a total of 24, when the Umpires and players in the middle gave up what had been a valiant struggle.