The Junior BB

220/8 (dec) - 221/8
Full Time
Lost by 2 wickets

Match Report

Early batting collapses seem to be the order of the day for the 2013 Stragglers, and while the early clatter of wickets against the Babes was not among the worst, 42 for 3 from 10 was hardly a solid start. The middle order of frères Smallwood (Jasper 62, Al 44) and Charlie Munton (41) restored order, and a declaration at 220 for 8 seemed perfectly adequate.

The Stragglers had chosen to ignore the fact that they were now opposed by the heroes of Street End, George Baker White and Louis Blomfield. And to make matters worse, Finn Hulbert, destroyer of the SAC, pulled up lame after a solitary maiden. The burden fell principally to Owen Moelwyn Hughes, whose spell of 14-0-73-4 included Blomfield for a duck. With George at the wicket, the Babes were in charge; when he fell with 14 required momentum was with the Stragglers; however, a lower order thrash and the Stragglers fell to their first defeat in 360 days.