Chairman's Blog

Bishopsbourne was often a happy hunting ground for Toby Cox, with frequent rapid-fire plundering of wilting attacks; his 2009 innings included 7 sixes in an innings of 63 from not many balls faced. In a 2011 team bristling with youthful talent, it took an old stager, Allsport senior, to remind the crowd of how it should be done. Young thrusters came and went, undone by lack of pace, their correct cricket strokes picking out the field, and failing to turn starts into scores. Simon, on the other hand, in at 128 for 6 in the 31st over, eschewed singles and any unneccessary running in favour of blasting the boundary. Of 105 runs put on in the final 9 overs, Simon scored 64, and only 6 singles did not reach the fence.

In a lacklustre chase, Bishopsbourne were swiftly behind the pace, put under early pressure by a miraculous catch by Hugo Snape, diving full length at deep long on. Contenders for the 2011 champagne moment are coming thick and fast.