Chairman's Blog

The Night Watchman tends not to follow the Gooch school of abstemious preparation for an important game, and, having enjoyed a small glass or two the evening before, arrived at Belmont for the fifth over. Bending to tie his laces in the covers, his shades just about let enough light through for him to fend away a ferociously struck waist high chance. Otherwise avoiding the ball, while in the field, and recovering during the rain break, he perked up no end, when he spied the Grannies bowling attack. However, he was denied an early opportunity to block out for the draw, while the Vicar and Allsport plundered relentlessly. Eventually allowed to the crease, he demonstrated a remarkable ability to bat left handed, smashing an enormous reverse swept 6 among a number of reversed boundaries, while being wholly incapable of making contact, when batting right handed.