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2014 Awards Leading Batsman Jasper Smallwood 442 runs at an average of 55.25

Leading Bowler Patch Mitchell 8 wickets at an average of 11.88

Young Straggler Bart Forster 181 runs at 45.25 (top score 74*); 7 for 182 at 26.00 and 1 catch


Ralph Taylor 107* vs. Selling

George Baker White 110 vs. Wickham & Stodmarsh

Giles Brealy 101 vs. Otterden

Jasper Smallwood 113 vs. Standard Athletic Club

5 Wickets in an Innings

Finn Hulbert 5 for 9 vs. The Turks

Champagne Moment

There are a number of contenders for the Champagne moment (or moments) of 2014: Matt’s catch in the wind at Kings, Carl Brown’s leap on the boundary edge at Selling, Toby’s blazing half century at Provender, James Stabb’s running grab also at Provender, Olly Wardman’s unlikely last ball victory boundary at Belmont, Bart’s steadiness under fire against Nonington, Benny’s trio of catches against Wickham & Stodmarsh, Patrick Clews remarkable one handed catch at Tenterden, the ring of steel at Benenden, Ed Prest’s 36* in quick time also at Benenden, while under instruction to bat out cautiously, a number of extra-curricular activities in Paris, and Hugo’s remarkable spell at Hollingbourne of 2 for 0 from 5 maidens. After a long discussion about a number of really exceptional catches and other memorable moments during the 2014 season, the award for the 2014 Champagne Moment is awarded to Ed Prest for his peppering of the Benenden boundary.