Chairman's Blog

Our thanks go to all of our generous hosts from Menorca Cricket Club, for inviting us to play in such a lovely place, and to enable the Stragglers have a fun-filled weekend away.  Thank you.

A great start to the season with 36 wickets, 16 outfield catches and 768 runs.  A number of awards were presented at the final tapas dinner in recognition of significant achievement on tour.

The Lark Catching Cup – Ben S

The Attwood Award for Logistics – Paddy

Most accomplished tourist – George’s bat

The Founder’s Medal for umpiring – a tie between Paddy and Nige (the latter also won the award for wearing the wrong jumper in the team photo)

Least contributory in the field – Will (very rarely on the field of play), Jasper (didn’t bowl at MCC, didn’t catch and let everything else through his legs)

The Sleeping Beauty award – Theo 

Champagne catch to go forward as a contender to the season champagne moment – George

MCC award for inventing a new fielding position, which can be used in any part of the field (the Snape barrier) – Nige

The Nigel Snape award for most effective application of the Snape barrier – Ben Simpson

The San Francisco earthquake award for making the earth move – Matt

Most ambidextrous tourist with a two handed ‘5 for’- Hugo

The Colin Bland award for the most casually elegant fielder – Patch

The Mike Brearley award for inspirational Captaincy – Toby. Only four Straggler captains have won more convincingly when batting first

The Geoffrey Boycott award for clear calling and risk-free running between the wickets – George

The Will Attwood award for concise timekeeping – Sam (although he seemed marginally more on time in the absence of his brother)

The Ben Simpson award for unexpected surgery on tour (in this case some very careless plastic surgery using a carpet) – Nick W

The Alan Titchmarsh Award for unconventional topiary – Jasper

1000 Straggler runs reached by both Hugo and Ben on tour

The Alex Reese award for the most improved leg spinner – Al

The Matt Smallwood award for trainee Sommeliers – Ben W

The Coco Chanel award for conspicuous fashion on tour – Mark

The Al Smallwood award for ramping – Charlie

The Shirley Bassey award for shrieking when giving away his wicket – Patch